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About Skills for All​

Skills for All is a South Australian government initiative that helps more people to start training, complete that training and gain employment.

Funding is available for courses from Certificate I to Advanced Diploma levels. Course fees are significantly reduced due to the Government funding, removing the financial barrier that many people face.

The list of courses funded under Skills for All is monitored to ensure they support the State’s priorities, meet industry needs and give those people trained the opportunity for employment.

Individuals need to meet course entry requirements and verify their eligibility with the Skills for All Training Provider of their choice before being enrolled in a government funded training place.

Qualifications at certificate level I and II are fully funded which means there are no course fees (there may be some incidental fees). Qualifications at certificate III level and above and Skill Sets are partly government funded and students will be expected to pay a course fee as well as any relevant incidental fees unless the course is identified as a Priority Course. Priority Courses range from Certificate III level up to Advanced Diploma level and have been identified for their strategic importance to the State.

External evaluation of Skills for All

The external evaluation of Skills for All by ACIL Allen Consulting finished In December 2014. Thank you to those who participated.

Red Tape Reduction Review

The recommendations and progress to date of the Red Tape Reduction Review are available.

Skills for All Summary Report

Information about the achievements of Skills for All in 2013 is available in the latest report.

Previous Skills for All reports

Previous reports and consultation outcomes are available at Skills for All publications.

Skills for All Student Surveys

Student feedback is an important part of quality assurance arrangements for Skills for All.

See Skills for All training quality improvement programs for information about the survey results.

Skills for All Eligibility

See Check Your Eligibility to find out in just two minutes what you are eligible for through Skills for All.

See Eligibility explained for a full explanation about eligibility for Skills for All.

Skills for All courses

See Find a training course to find qualifications or the Funded Training List to see a list of available Skill Sets.

Skills for All Training Providers

See Find a training provider to search for Skills for All Training Providers.

Once you have located Skills for All Training Providers who are able to train you in your chosen course, you will need to check with them for details such as when they are running the course and what they are charging for the course. You can enrol in more than one course with more than one Skills for All Training Provider at the same time. 

Skills for All Training Providers are only allowed to charge a course fee (cert III and above) to a maximum Student Course Fee of $7,000 for most courses. Skill Sets and some high cost courses are exempt from the maximum course fee. Skills for All Training Providers may charge a different course fee for the same course. Skills for All Training Providers are required to publish their course fees and course fee policies.

See How to enrol to find out more about how to enrol with a Skills for All Training Provider and what you can expect from a Skills for All Training Provider.

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