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Workforce planning helps you work out what staff your business needs, and what skills these staff need.  Find information and support for workforce planning. Get help for your business development.

What is workforce planning?

Workforce planning helps you think about skills you’ll need to grow your business.

Planning also helps you think about which of your employees need training, and what training they need.

Workforce planning and development involves:

  • knowing your industry, region and business
  • having a business plan and direction for the future
  • considering what staff you need and what skills they need to have to help your business grow in that direction
  • understanding what skills your staff have now and what training they might need
  • working out how you might attract, recruit and keep new skilled staff.

Guides to workforce planning, and templates can help you develop a plan

For further information and resources to help with workforce planning, see Skills Connect.

For detailed information on the workforce in South Australia, by industry, occupation and region, use the Workforce Wizard.

For other guides and reports on workforce planning and skills development see our Workforce Information Knowledge Centre.

Help with workforce planning

Regional and industry experts can help businesses review their current and future business and employment needs. 

See service providers and advisory networks.

For information and advice on careers, skills and workforce development see Industry associations.

Workforce Development Program

Funding is available for industry-wide projects that help develop workplaces, support workforce planning, and address workforce issues.

See Workforce Development Program.

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