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WorkReady service provider Head Deed (Contract)

We have introduced a new contracting model to streamline contracting arrangements for WorkReady subsidised activities. Successful applicants will become WorkReady service providers and be offered a WorkReady Head Deed with the Minister for Employment, Higher Education & Skills.

The Head Deed provides one contractual arrangement that contains clauses common to all activities subsidised under WorkReady.

WorkReady service providers will receive a service agreement specific to the subsidised activity they are approved for.

WorkReady service providers may also apply for other subsidised activities, for example Jobs First Employment Projects (Guidelines below).

Organisations who do not have a current Skills for All contract or are not an existing Strategic Employment Fund panel member may apply from 19 October 2015.

Head Deed Indicative Terms

Applying to deliver Jobs First Employment Projects

You may apply to deliver Jobs First Employment Projects when you hold a WorkReady Head Deed executed by both parties.

Applications for Jobs First Employment Projects such as structured mentoring or individual case management will be open between 17 August and 14 September 2015. A separate application will be required for each project delivering one or more of the activities listed in the guidelines. 

Read the Guideline for WorkReady Jobs First Employment Projects.

For information about your Skills for All contract see Skills for All Contracted Providers

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