Apply for a WorkReady Head Agreement

The WorkReady Head Agreement contains the terms and conditions on which the Minister appoints an organisation as a WorkReady service provider. The Minister may from time to time publish an invitation or otherwise request a WorkReady service provider to deliver subsidised activities.

A WorkReady service provider is eligible to bid for any such activities, which if successful, will result in an offer of a service agreement under the Head Agreement specific to the subsidised activities. The execution of a Head Agreement does not provide the service provider with any guarantee that any service agreement will be executed between the parties.

Read the Indicative WorkReady Head Agreement.

Supporting documentation

The following supporting documentation needs to be included with your application:

The place to attach these documents will be indicated in the application form.

Save your application

There is an option to save your application for later at the bottom of the form. An email will be sent to the email address you have entered under the contact for the application.

Application to become a WorkReady Service Provider Terms and Conditions

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated against a range of criteria including whether an Applicant can demonstrate that:

  1. It is governed and managed by persons with the skills and experience to lead a superior service delivery organisation
  2. It has a proven positive track record in delivering publicly funded training, skills development  and or employment related services
  3. It has strong engagement with South Australian industry commensurate with the services it is accustomed to offer
  4. It is of sound financial health, without  reliance on public funding
  5. Any other matter that the Minister considers relevant to the decision to offer a Head Agreement.

General agreements

Applicants understand that:

  1. submitting the application for a WorkReady Head Agreement in accordance with this process does not give rise to a WorkReady Head Agreement; and
  2. the WorkReady Head Agreement Application Form must:
    • be in English
    • include the required information in every field of the Application Form
    • attach all relevant documentation
    • attach the declaration signed by the Chief Executive (or equivalent) of the organisation.
  3. Applications will be assessed on behalf of the Minister by the Department of State Development (DSD) and the Minister reserves the right to:
    • refuse to consider an incomplete application;
    • not offer a WorkReady Head Agreement to an Applicant for any reason whatsoever;
    • seek the advice of any person to assist in the assessment or review of any application;
    • seek further information from the Applicant and to contact other persons or organisations including those identified in the Application for verification purposes; and
    • provide information about the Applicant and its application to a regulator (if appropriate)

Application consent and authorisation

  1. As a condition of submitting an Application Form for a WorkReady Head Agreement, the Applicant agrees and grants its consent for the Minister and any regulator who may have oversight of the operations and registration of the Applicant to exchange any information; and/or;
  2. to disclose information to any other parties for the purpose of verification of the information provided by the Applicant (which includes but is not limited to contacting any participant or former participant)
  3. to seek information from any person or agency (whether State, Territory or the Commonwealth) to verify the bona fides, experience and status (both financial and operational) of the Applicant.
  4. If it becomes necessary to have the consent and/or authorisation from the Applicant for the Department to obtain information, including, but not limited to, information relating to the Applicant's credit or financial risk, the Applicant agrees to execute documents necessary to provide such consent and/or authorisation, and to the extent that such consent and/or authorisation is not provided the Applicant acknowledges that the application will not be considered further.

Application Process

  1. The Minister will notify each Applicant in writing of the outcome of its application.
  2. The Minister may offer an Applicant a WorkReady Head Agreement on terms and conditions which are acceptable to the Minister.
  3. If a WorkReady Head Agreement is offered to the Applicant, the period of the Deed will be at the sole discretion of the Minister.
  4. The decision to offer a WorkReady Head Agreement to an Applicant or any person is at the Minister’s sole discretion.

Ministers requirements

The Minister requires that Applicants will, in making an application:

  1. declare any actual or potential conflict of interest by its officers or employees;
  2. declare whether it employs or has engaged the services of any person who has a duty to the Minister as an adviser, consultant or employee;
  3. not offer any incentive to, or otherwise attempt to influence, any employee of the Minister involved in the assessment of applications at any time;
  4. not make or publish any media releases or respond to media enquiries pertaining to this application process without the prior written approval of the Minister; and
  5. have fully informed itself of all facts and conditions relating to this application process.

Cost of application

The Applicant is responsible for all costs of preparing and submitting an application and all other costs incurred by the Applicant arising out of this application process.  There is no fee levied on an Applicant for submitting an Application Form.

Correction and update of application

If an Applicant becomes aware that;

  • the Application Form it has submitted contains errors or omissions; and/or
  • circumstances have changed such that the Application Form is no longer correct

the Chief Executive (or equivalent) of the Applicant must immediately advise DSD in writing at

  • The subject line in the email should read "name of organisation, Head Agreement application"
  • The email should provide detailed information about errors, omissions and/or changes.
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