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Funded Training List

The Funded Training List (FTL) shows Skills for All funded Courses.

The FTL is regularly released to add new and replacement courses, and remove courses no longer funded through Skills for All. In addition, the FTL includes the following attributes:

  • Status (current or superseded) – the status of courses or qualifications as listed on the national register ( as at the date of the publication of the FTL.
  • No new enrolment date (superseded) – indicates the course is superseded and the date when no new enrolments can be taken. This is generally 12 months from the date the superseded course was replaced on the national register (
  • No new enrolment date (Skills for All) – Training Providers cannot take new enrolments or create training accounts after the no new enrolment date for Skills for All funding.
  • TAFE SA only – Subsidised training places are only available through TAFE SA.
  • Priority Course - identifies the course is a priority for South Australia.
  • Industry Entry Pathway - identifies the course as an entry level qualification required for employment in an industry.
  • TGSS Approved Course – identifies the course is available under the Training Guarantee for SACE Students program.
  • Enrolment Conditions – identifies the course will only be available to eligible students who are undertaking training through TGSS; a Training Contract or a School Based Training Contract.
  • Fee free – identifies the course is fully subsidised under Skills for All with no student course fee.
  • Subsidy Payable - identifies courses for which a subsidy will not be paid for RPL and the effective date.

Training Providers must always check the current version of Funded Training List when enrolling students.

Funded Training List 8.2 February 2015

Application to add courses to Funded Training List

To apply to have Courses added to Funded Training List, complete the Application to add courses to the Skills for All Funded Training List form. Once completed, email your application to

Funded Training List Release 9.0 May 2015

No New Enrolment (NNE) Skills for All

For the details of this release refer to Funded Training List 9.0 (PDF) (Excel)

Previous Funded Training List Release notes

For previous FTL release notes see funded training release notes.

The Subsidy Framework

The Subsidy Framework must be read in conjunction with the Skills for All Contract which contains the terms and conditions that must be satisfied for a subsidy to be paid for Training Services.

The Framework explains how the subsidy is paid and clarifies arrangements for:

  • Price Banding
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Bridging units
  • Attempts
  • On-job training and employer-based delivery
  • Completion payments
  • Student Course Fees and incidental expenses
  • Student Course Fee Concessions, Fee Exemptions and reimbursement to the Training Provider
  • Payments, including enterprise Training Providers.

Application to review the Subsidy paid for a Course

To apply for a review of the amount of subsidy paid for Courses under Skills for All, complete the Application for review of Subsidy level form. Once completed, email your application to

Subsidy Calculators

The Subsidy Calculator allows you to estimate the subsidy for the courses you deliver under Skills for All.

The Subsidy Calculator is an executable (.exe) file which will need to be downloaded to your PC and is accessed via the Skills for All Provider Application login using your RTO login for STELA.

There is one calculator for TAFE SA and another calculator for non-TAFE SA.

Some stakeholders may be granted access to the Subsidy Calculators upon request. Email and indicate the name and nature of your organisation and the way you will benefit from having access to the Subsidy Calculator. Your email must come from your personal business address, not a generic admin@ address.

For AppleMac users

The Subsidy Calculator is optimised for window-based PC's only. If your organisation uses AppleMac products, complete the Skills for All subsidy request form (Excel) and submit it to and we will perform the searches for you. Your results will be returned to you within 2 business days.

Result Code 70 and Academic Pass (AP)

The Minister has published a list of Units of Competency which are eligible for a subsidy payment for result code 70 and Academic Pass (AP). This code applies to units of competency in some qualifications that require students to achieve both on and off-job competency.

Detailed information can be found in release 2.2 of the Data Collection and Payment Assessment Guideline.

Result Code 70 and Academic Pass (AP) list by Training Package

The 70 and AP list will be updated as required. You should refer to the lists below when making claims using result code 70 and AP.

Additions to the list

To apply to have additional units of competency added to the list, complete the form below and email to

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