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The Skills for All Training Provider Handbook is a practical guide for employees, contractors, and agents of Skills for All Training Providers. It contains information to assist Training Providers deliver training services and use the Skills for All systems and processes.

Skills for All Student Agreement

Every student enrolled in a Skills for All funded training place must have a Skills for All Student Number and a signed Skills for All Student Agreement. The Student Agreement must be completed and the Skills for All Student Number issued when they enrol for the first time in a Skills for All Course.

The Student Agreement sets out the purposes for which personal information is collected by the Skills for All Training Provider and the Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills and how it will be used.

From 2013 students will be able to access their personal information held by DSD and view information about the training they have undertaken through Skills for All by using their Skills for All Student Number and a password.

The Skills for All Training Provider must ensure that a signed Skills for All Student Agreement for every new student is emailed to DSD within 30 days of enrolment (Contract clause 15.4). Section 4.3 of the Skills for All Training Provider Handbook above outlines the procedures for providing signed Student Agreements to DSD.

Skills for All enrolment form template

The enrolment form template will assist you in designing your enrolment form and enrolment processes. It is designed to cover all the elements that you will need when enrolling students in Skills for All training including assessing eligibility for a Skills for All training place and for Student Course Fee concessions. It covers all the data elements required by VETA. It should assist in meeting the requirements for complete and accurate AVETMISS reporting. It is now attached to the Enrolment and Training Account Guideline.

Transitioning students to Skills for All

Continuing apprentices and trainees

A Government funded training place will continue for every trainee and apprentice currently under User Choice arrangements to complete their qualification. Section 9.1 of the handbook will be your reference for how to handle arrangements for these students.

New apprentices and trainees

Apprentices and trainees who enter into a Training Contract on or after 2 July 2012 will be funded under Skills for All arrangements. Apprentices and trainees will be subject to the same eligibility criteria as all other students, including course fees and concessions.

Information Privacy Principles

Under the Freedom of Information Act students can request to see the information being collected about them by the Minister and to check the accuracy of that information. Training Providers have obligations to students to provide them with timely access to their personal records held by the Training Provider including information about their participation and progress in the Course. See the South Australian Information Privacy Principles for more information.

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