Training guarantee for SACE students​

The Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS) is for students who know they want to start a planned vocational pathway. They receive vocational education and training (VET) while they’re at school and continue it after they leave.

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How it works

Through TGSS, the South Australian Government offers subsidised training with a Training Provider for selected SACE students who are 16 years of age or older.

The student must be doing:

  • a large amount of VET delivered by a training provider
  • a TGSS approved course on the Funded Training List / Subsidised Training List.

The Training Provider must:

  • guarantee the student a place to finish the VET qualification (which must be listed as a TGSS approved course on the Funded Training List / Subsidised Training List
  • take the student in the year after the student completes SACE (or equivalent)
  • make sure the course is included on their Training Provider Schedule of Courses.

Download and complete the Education and Training Plan forms.

Qualifications available under TGSS

Qualifications available under TGSS are identified on the Subsidised Training List. Generally, these are certificate II and certificate III qualifications.

For more informartion see Subsidised Training List.

Eligibility criteria for students receiving funded training under TGSS

South Australian students who are 16 years and over and who are enrolled in and working towards completing the SACE (or equivalent) are eligible to receive subsidised training. They must also:

  • be planning to complete a certificate III qualification (or higher) soon after leaving school
  • be undertaking at least 210 nominal hours of nationally accredited VET  as an integrated part of their senior secondary program, and
  • be undertaking at least 140 hours of work placement that is relevant to the qualification being studied.

Read more about the WorkReady offer for school enrolled students.

TGSS is not available to students who are employed under a training contract as part of a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

When does a student have to take up their guaranteed place with the provider?

Students are expected to take up their guaranteed place with the provider in the year after they complete SACE (or equivalent). If they do not, the guarantee will lapse.

It is expected that students will complete their certificate III (or higher) within one to two years of leaving school.

What if a student changes their mind about their guaranteed place?

If a student changes their mind they are not bound to complete their chosen qualification pathway.

However, there are limits on the amount of subsidised training that individuals can do and this decision may impact on their access to subsidised training in the future.

Responsibilities of a Training Provider delivering subsidised training under TGSS

Delivering training and assessment services under TGSS has particular responsibilities. Training providers must:

  • show a special duty of care to school students, even though the student’s school has the principal duty of care
  • carefully monitor students’ progress and provide support when it is needed
  • work together with the student’s school to help prepare an education and training plan for each student
  • regularly exchange information with the school about student attendance, engagement and progress
  • report all relevant student enrolment and completion data to schools in a timely way to make sure that schools meet the reporting requirements and timelines of the SACE Board
  • publish full, clear and correct information to students including:
    • occupational and educational outcomes for the qualification
    • course duration, course contact hours, delivery modes, expected non-contact study times and other obligations such as work placement that students need to fulfil to satisfactorily complete the course and
    • student fee policies including information about additional fees for incidental expenses that a student may be charged
  • provide appropriate learning support to students and meet the individual learning needs of each student to achieve successful outcomes
  • make sure that the student, the student’s family and the school are aware of the arrangements for the transition to the provider to take up their guaranteed place once the student has completed SACE (or equivalent) and left school
  • make sure that a guaranteed training place with the provider is available for the student to complete the qualification listed in the student’s education and training plan.

Responsibilities of a school in TGSS

Schools are responsible for recruiting and selecting students into TGSS. The student’s school must actively support the student to balance the demands of school, training and work placement. Schools must:

  • select and counsel students according to criteria set out in the education and training plan
  • establish and maintain close working relationships with the Training Provider, including negotiating arrangements for delivery of VET to the student
  • prepare and maintain a formal education and training plan that is co-signed by the student, parent/guardian, school principal and the Training Provider
  • make sure the VET part of the education and training plan satisfies requirements of the SACE Board’s policy on Recognition Arrangements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the SACE
  • provide learning support
  • provide appropriate career information and advice relevant to the training being done, with help from the Training Provider
  • monitor student progress and get involved as required
  • organise and monitor relevant work placements.

Can a school deliver subsidised training on behalf of a Training Provider?

A Training Provider may not sub-contract to a school or other training provider unless that training provider or school is a Training Provider with a Contract and that course listed on their Schedule of Courses.

A Training Provider may negotiate with the school to deliver training at the school site, or students may receive training at the Training Provider’s premises.

For more information, visit Training Guarantee for SACE students.

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