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Eligibility for government subsidised training

You may be eligible for a government subsidised training place if you either live or work in South Australia, and you are:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or
  • a permanent Australian resident, or
  • the holder of a an eligible visa (Visa types as below).

You also need to be one of the following:

  • aged 16 years or over and not enrolled at school, or
  • aged 16 years or over, enrolled in school and undertaking training through the Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS), or
  • undertaking training through a training contract as an apprentice or trainee in identified courses.

Eligible individuals may be able to access:

  • one foundation skills course (if you are assessed to need it)
  • up to five bridging units at every qualification level (if assessed to need them)
  • unlimited priority courses.

Based on your training and employment level you may also have access to:

Highest accredited non-school qualification at first enrolment

Access to

No qualification or an unemployed job seeker who is registered with an Employment Service Provider

a total of

  • one Certificate II course

  • two courses from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level

Qualification up to Certificate II level

a total of

  • two courses from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level

Completed a Certificate III or above (including university qualifications)

a total of

  • one course from Certificate III to Advanced Diploma level


You can only be enrolled in two subsidised courses at a time. Specific projects and initiatives subsidised through WorkReady may stipulate additional criteria and conditions which will apply in addition to those outlined above.

Previously completed training through WorkReady

You may have already studied courses through WorkReady. If you have completed courses from 1 October 2015 onwards, your entitlement to access government subsidised training may be affected, unless you are undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship.

If you’d like more information, call the Skills and Employment Infoline on
1800 506 266.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Any previous WorkReady training will not affect your eligibility for subsidised training when undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship. The course you complete during your apprenticeship or traineeship will count towards your future WorkReady entitlement.

Speak to your Training Provider who will be able to confirm your eligibility.

Highest level of qualification

This refers to the highest level of qualification you have obtained in Australia. This may include:

  • Vocational qualifications such as Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level courses
  • Higher education qualifications such as bachelor degrees or above, or
  • School qualifications such as the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Temporary visa types eligible for government subsidised training

In addition to all permanent residency visa holders, the following visa holders are eligible:

  • Skilled – Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • Skilled – Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 475)
  • Skilled - Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 487)
  • Skilled Independent - Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 495)
  • Business Owner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 160)
  • Senior Executive (Provisional) Visa (subclass 161)
  • Investor (Provisional) Visa (subclass 162)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner (provisional) Visa, subclass 163
  • State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive (provisional) Visa, subclass 164
  • State/Territory Sponsored Investor (provisional) Visa, subclass 165
  • Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) Visa subclass 188
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) subclass 790
  • Bridging Visa E (BVE) subclass 050 and 051
  • Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) subclass 785
  • Bridging Visa F (BVF) subclass 060

If you are unsure whether your visa category is permanent or temporary you can type your visa subclass number into the site search area of the Department of Home Affairs website and find out.

To check any work or study entitlement conditions attached to your visa, visit the Australian Government’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online service.

Foundation skills

Before you start training, you may need to gain some basic skills. This may include improvement in reading, writing or numeracy skills. If assessed to need them, eligible individuals will be able to access foundation skills courses through WorkReady.

See foundation skill courses on the Subsidised Training List (STL).

Bridging units

To help you successfully complete your qualification, you may need to undertake additional learning. Bridging units, including vocational, literacy and numeracy units of competency, can equip you with these necessary basic skills. If assessed to need them, eligible individuals can undertake up to five bridging units through WorkReady.


Some subsidised training courses are only available to certain participants and we describe these as Conditions.

Conditions explained:  

  • This course is available while at secondary school 
    ​​​You must be enrolled in school and undertaking vocational education and training within your South Australian Certificate of Education program as part of the Training Guarantee for SACE Students program to enrol in this course. Read more about training for school students.
  • This course is available if you need help with reading, writing and maths
    If your pre-enrolment assessment identifies skills gaps you may enrol in this course. Contact your training provider. All WorkReady participants receive an upfront assessment of their learning and support needs using a foundation skills assessment tool. Based on the assessment and individual preferences you can access subsidised training and foundation skills courses or bridging skills, if you need them.
  • This course is available under a traineeship or apprenticeship
    An apprentice or trainee with an approved Training Contract including School-based Training Contracts may enrol in this course. 
  • This course may have additional conditions.
    ​Eligibility for courses may vary, please contact your training provider for more information. You must be aged 17 years or over and not enrolled in secondary school.

If the course you want to study is not currently subsidised check again later. Funding periods generally run for six months and are announced and communicated via the Subsidised Training List (STL).

The government subsidised training place available to you will depend on what approved Training Providers are offering. You will need to meet the entry requirements of any course.

Search for courses, qualifications and Training Providers at Find a training course.

To find out more about training costs see How much does training cost.

If it looks as if you do not meet the eligibility criteria, or you’d like more information, call the Skills and Employment Infoline on 1800 506 266.

Persons under the Guardianship of the Minister

South Australians of any age who have been, or are under the Guardianship of the responsible Minister (GOM) are eligible for an exemption from Student Course Fees for courses delivered by Training Providers through WorkReady. The normal government subsidised training eligibility rules apply.

Call the Skills and Employment Infoline on 1800 506 266 for an application form.

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