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How to enrol for training​

Enrol for training at your chosen Skills for All Training Provider.

First steps

  1. Choose a career and the qualification needed
  2. Search for a course and find a Skills for All Training Provider
  3. Visit or contact the Skills for All Training Provider to discuss your learning needs, eligibility and any minimum entry requirements. (Note - for some TAFE SA courses you apply through SATAC )
  4. Read about enrolling at a Skills for All Training Provider:

Skills for All Student Number and Student Agreement

When you first enrol in a Skills for All government funded course you are given a Skills for All Student Number. You cannot access Skills for All government funded training without this.

This number stays with you and is used for any further training under Skills for All.

To get a student number, you need to provide some personal details and sign a Skills for All Student Agreement. Your Skills for All Training Provider will ask you to complete a Student Agreement and write your Skills for All Student Number on the top of the form.

If you are a new student you may receive confirmation of this number by text message or email from the Department of State Development (DSD), formerly Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology.

This number is used by the Training Provider and DSD to record your participation in and your results of Skills for All government funded training courses.  

Your personal information may also be used to determine future eligibility for Skills for All courses and for statistical purposes, including reporting to other bodies.

Keep a record of your Skills for All Student Number particularly if you plan to do further study. If you misplace your Skills for All Student Number you can call the Infoline or ask a Skills for All Training Provider to search for your number.

In the future, you will be able to use your Skills for All Student Number to log into a secure page on this website to view your government funded training history and update personal information.

Collecting Information

The Student Agreement sets out the purposes for which personal information is collected by the Minister for Employment, Higher Education and Skills (The Minister) and how it will be used. The Department of State Development (DSD), on behalf of The Minister collects, uses, stores and discloses information only in accordance with the South Australian Information Privacy Principles.

Freedom of Information

If you require access to your personal information held by DSD, call our Infoline who can advise you of the process you need to follow. In some cases you may need to apply through the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act) gives you the right, subject to certain restrictions, to make an application to access your personal information held by DSD. You can request your records personally or through another person acting with your authority (ie a solicitor). The FOI Act gives you the right to apply to have your personal information held by DSD amended if it is incorrect, out of date or misleading.

Call the Infoline for more information about:

  • making an FOI application
  • fees and charges that may apply and
  • access to application forms.

Unique Student Identifier

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme links every student who undertakes nationally recognised Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia to an online account that contains all your enrolment and achievement records completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. This will make it easy for you to provide evidence of your academic results, for example when applying for a job or enrolling in further study.

You must have a USI if you are studying in Australia from 1 January 2015.

You can apply for your own USI or your training provider can apply for a USI on your behalf, with your permission. When applying for a USI, you will be asked to supply information that can be verified by the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service, such as a Medicare card or Driver's Licence. When using an accepted form of identification, the USI should be available within minutes.

Visit the USI website to create your USI or call the Skilling Australia Information line on 133 873.

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