Concessions, student loans and allowances​

Fee concessions, scholarships and grants, student loans and living allowances can help with study and living costs while you’re training.


A Training Provider must offer you a concession if you:

  • hold a health care card
  • hold a pensioner concession card
  • hold a pensioner concession card issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • are a prison inmate, a detainee, on remand, held in a South Australian institution in connection with the commission of an offence, or a child in a South Australian detention centre older than 16 years.

To claim a concession you must show the relevant concession card and state your Centrelink customer reference number and the expiry date on your card.

If you qualify for a concession your course fees will be lower. Ask your Training Provider how much they will be charging you for their course with a concession.

TAFE SA scholarships and grants

TAFE SA offers financial help through scholarships and grants

Student loans through VET FEE-HELP

If you’re studying some higher level VET courses (diploma, advanced diploma, graduate certificate and graduate diploma courses) with an approved VET provider, you may be able to get a student loan called VET FEE-HELP.

An approved VET provider is a registered training organisation who has been approved by the Australian Government to offer VET FEE-HELP to their students.

You can get a VET FEE-HELP loan if you are:

  • a student of any age
  • an Australian citizen or a permanent humanitarian visa holder who is resident in Australia for the duration of study
  • studying toward a diploma and above
  • studying with an approved VET training provider.

A VET FEE-HELP student loan allows you to borrow funds to help pay for all or part of your tuition fees. The Australian government will pay your fees to your training provider on your behalf. When you get a job you pay the loan back through the taxation system once your income is above the minimum repayment threshold. There is a FEE‑HELP loan limit which is a lifetime limit and is not reset by any repayments that you make.

In South Australia some training providers are currently approved to offer VET FEE-HELP. 

For a list of training providers approved to offer VET FEE-HELP, see approved VET-FEE HELP providers.

Training Providers that are approved VET FEE-HELP providers can offer VET FEE-HELP to government subsidised students as well as to fee-for-service students.

Apply through your training provider to access a VET FEE-HELP loan.

Learn more about VET FEE-HELP.

From 1 January 2017, VET Student Loans will replace the VET FEE HELP scheme, subject to passage of the VET Student Loans Bill 2016 through parliament.

This change will affect students currently supporting their studies using VET FEE-HELP, and the Australian Government Department of Education and Training will contact all current VET FEE-HELP students personally with information about options and next steps.

For information about courses covered under VET Student Loans, and details for students and training providers, visit VET Student Loans.


Living and other allowances available to eligible students include:

  • Youth Allowance is for full-time students or Australian apprentices aged 16 to 24 and people aged under 21 who are looking for full-time work or undertaking a combination of approved activities.
  • Austudy is for full-time students and Australian Apprentices aged 25 years or over.
  • Fares Allowance is for tertiary students who are living away from their permanent home to study.
  • ABSTUDY offers a range of allowances to help Indigenous students and Australian Apprentices.
  • Assistance for Isolated Children is for families with a child who cannot attend school locally because of distance or special needs.
  • Pensioner Education Supplement helps pensioners on income support to get help with education expenses.
  • Saver Plus Program helps you save for training costs such as computers, text books and trade tools by matching your savings, dollar for dollar.

Check if you are eligible for a student payment with Centrelink's Student income support eligibility information tool.

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