How much does training cost?​

Training costs include course fees, books, equipment and materials, and personal costs such as transport.

Course fees

If you are eligible for enrolment your Training Provider will advise what fees you will have to pay.

The Student Course Fee covers charges to the student for the delivery of all essential components of the Course, including items that are consumed as part of the teaching and assessment.

Training Providers must tell students about all fees, make available on their website, and publish their fee policies. This includes Student Course Fees for each Course and all optional, additional and incidental expenses.

Additional costs

In some courses, there will be incidental charges for optional items like textbooks and uniforms and anything which becomes the property of the student. The student generally pays for these things.

Incidental charges can only cover:

  • optional items that are not essential to complete the Course
  • alternative access to an essential item for the Course  eg  a charge to purchase learning resources to take home that a Training Provider may normally provide to the Student through the Provider’s Library or for use only in the classroom or workshop
  • items that become the property of the student where there are other suppliers eg retail outlets, borrowing the text from the library, purchasing second hand, using items they already own
  • food, transport and accommodation costs associated with field trips that form part of the Course.

Your Training Provider must publish their course fees and incidental expenses and fully inform you of any fees before you enrol and advise you about the availability of fee concessions and fee exemptions.

Personal costs

Travel, child care and other costs are also paid for by the student.

Help with costs of training – concessions, student loans and allowances

If you're eligible, concessions, allowances and student loans can help.

See Concessions, student loans and allowances.

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