Training guarantee for SACE students​

Sign up to a Training Guarantee while you’re at school as part of your South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), and you’ll put yourself on a pathway to a job or trade.

How the Training Guarantee for SACE students works

The Training Guarantee for SACE students means you start training for your certificate III pathway at school and have a guaranteed funded place at a Training Provider when you leave. 

You’ll earn credits towards your VET qualification and your SACE, and you’ll do some work placement for on-job training. 

Course fees for Certificate II qualifications that are TGSS Approved are fully subsidised. You’ll pay some Course Fees towards certificate III qualifications, and pay incidental fees for personal items such as tools, clothing or other materials for your training.

Students eligible for the Training Guarantee 

To be eligible for the Training Guarantee, you must be:

  • 16 years or over, and
  • enrolled in SACE at school and already doing (or have completed) VET or work placement that is related to your pathway.

You are guaranteed a funded place at a Training Provider when you leave school if:

  • you complete the SACE, including at least 30 SACE credits of nationally accredited VET plus 140 hours of relevant work placement
  • you plan to complete the Certificate III (or higher) at a Training Provider
  • you don’t plan to take a break or ‘gap year’ after finishing school.

Start a Training Guarantee 

If you’re a school student: 

  1. Speak to your school’s career counsellor or VET coordinator to make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria.
  2. You, your school and the Training Provider will draw up a formal Education and Training Plan (your parent/guardian also need to agree to this).

For schools and Training Providers

If you're a school career counsellor, VET coordinator, or Training Provider, read the Instructions for managing TGSS and complete the Education and Training Plan forms.

For more information about VET in schools, please visit the SACE website.

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