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Find out how vocational education can change your career or help grow your business.

What is vocational education and training?

Vocational education and training - otherwise known as VET - is learning that directly relates to getting a job.

The qualifications are nationally recognised and accredited, and courses are updated all the time to make sure students learn the latest skills and techniques.

VET can help you:

  • get ready for work while you’re still in school
  • start work for the first time
  • restart work after an absence
  • train for a new job
  • train people in your business
  • advance your skills
  • provide a pathway to university.

Joseph's passionate about metal work

Second year apprentice Joseph gets to work on parts for submarines, planes and jets as part of his on-the-job training at Axiom.

Joseph, precision metal trades worker at Axiom

Kickstart your career

What is subsidised training?

If you want to study a course that will give you skills employers need, you may be able to pay reduced course fees.

If your training is subsidised, the South Australian Government pays part of your course fees for you. The money goes straight to your training provider, so you can focus on your training.

The course search will tell you if the course you're interested in is subsidised.

Training providers will confirm whether or not you can access subsidised training, but we've put together an eligibility checker to give you an idea of what to expect.

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