Automotive electricians use a range of test equipment with motor vehicles to identify and repair electrical wiring and computer-based equipment. They also repair other equipment including trailers, marine applications, earthmoving, mining and agricultural equipment.

Where automotive electricians are employed

Automotive electricians work for automotive electrical specialists, motor vehicle repairers, large transport firms and vehicle dealerships. They may work on motor vehicles, at work benches repairing parts, or providing mobile and roadside repairs.


Full-time automotive electricians in South Australia generally earn less than $600 per week.

Graph of pay scale for Automotive electrician

Job prospects

In 2011 there were 378 people employed full-time as automotive electricians in South Australia, compared with 363 in 2006.

How to become one

Usually you do an apprenticeship in automotive electrical technology. At school consider doing maths, physics and technical subjects in years 11 or 12. For more information see apprenticeships.

Ask your career adviser about the possibility of starting some of this training in school.

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