Futurists are scientists and social scientists who explore future social, economic, and technological developments. All futurists take a wide view of the world and their information is used to manage attempt to predict change and drive innovation.

Where futurists are employed

Futurists work in large and small businesses, governments and non-profit organisations, as teachers or researchers in education, and as consultants or permanent staff.


There is no salary information available for this occupation.

Job prospects

As this is a very new occupation, no data is currently available.

How to become one

Consider a communication degree with additional education in Future Studies.  Futurists tend to take a much broader perspective, consider longer time horizons, and include many more factors in a study than analysts such as economists, technology specialists, social critics or political commentators. At school consider doing science subjects, maths and English. For information on course admission requirements and how to apply to the universities and TAFE in SA, visit the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Check South Australian Universities at The University of Adelaide, Flinders University and University of South Australia.

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