Commonwealth, State and Local Governments employ 17,700 people in South Australia, which is 2.2% of the State’s workforce.

The most common job groups are corporate services managers, training and development professionals and contract, program and project administrators.

Most of the jobs are in the Adelaide metropolitan area, although there are regional jobs available.

Job openings for skilled workers

Contract, program and project administrator

Policy and planning manager

Training and development professional


Quick facts about this industry

  • Most people work full-time in the government.
  • Most people have a certificate III or higher.
  • There are slightly more men than women in the workforce.
  • Workers are generally older than those in other industries.
  • To work in this industry you need to have an interest in public service. Computer skills are essential and you will need to be able to communicate well with others, particularly in writing.
  • Wages in State Government administration roles are based on a set pay scale from Level 1, 1st year ($430 per week) to Level 8, 3rd year ($1,785 per week).

School options

Ask your Vocational Education and Training (VET) Coordinator at school for information about doing vocational education during the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), including the Training Guarantee for SACE (or equivalent) students. Visit the VET section of the SACE website for training options in:

  • Business and finance

Vocational qualifications include:

Federal, and State and Local Government

  • Certificates II and III in Government
  • Certificate IV and Diploma in Government with specialisations in government security and government investigations
  • Certificate IV – Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Contracting
  • Certificate IV in Heavy Vehicle Road Compliance
  • Certificate IV and Diploma in Trade Measurement
  • Certificate IV and Diploma in Court Operations
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English)
  • Diploma of Fraud Control
  • Diploma of Government with specialisations in procurement and contracting, government investigations, and government security
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Translating
  • Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace inspection/Investigations/Fraud control)
  • Certificate III – Diploma in Local Government with specialisations in regulatory services, health and environment, and operational works
  • Certificate IV and Diploma in Local Government with specialisations in planning, and land management

Library, Information and Cultural services

  • Certificate II in Information and Cultural Services
  • Certificates III and IV in Arts Administration

See courses related to this industry.

University disciplines include:

  • Commerce
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Health sciences
  • International relations
  • Law
  • Legal studies and practice
  • Politics
  • Public administration
  • Urban and regional planning

Explore university courses offered in South Australia, including courses from:

For more information about university courses visit South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) or for information about student satisfaction visit Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT).

Apply to study

For application information for South Australian universities and some TAFE SA courses, visit the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).

For subsidised training enrolment information, see Enrolling in subsidised training.

For more information, call the Infoline on 1800 673 097.

Occupations in this industry

The Australian Government, also known as the Commonwealth Government or the federal Government, comprises parliament, the executive and the judiciary.

  • Parliament makes national laws. Careers involve elected parliamentarians and their support staff.
  • The executive puts laws into operation. Careers are primarily administrative roles for policy, planning, projects and funding programs within various public service departments.
  • The judiciary adjudicates laws. Careers are primarily legal roles within the Federal Court system.

South Australian State Government is also divided into the three arms of parliament, the public service and the judiciary. It operates funding programs that support the economic and social wellbeing of South Australians.

Local Government provides services such as libraries, roads, recycling, recreation, urban planning and development, and immunisation.

Library/information services

Librarians design, develop and manage collections of printed, recorded and digital material and the delivery of information services. They work in public, private, school and restricted-access organisations.  

Key occupations

Other occupations in this industry include:

Actuary, mathematician and statistician, archivist and curator, conservator, contract, project and program administrator, court orderly, court and legal clerk, court registrar, data analyst, economist, historian, inspector and regulatory officer, intelligence and policy analyst, judge, jury operations manager, land economist and valuer, librarian, magistrate, mayor*, parliamentarian*, policy and planning professional, research and development professional or sheriff.

*elected by the public

Related industries for these occupations:

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Career information has been sourced from government publications. See data sources for more information.

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