Emergency service workers attend a range of emergencies in the community to protect life, property and minimise risk to security.

Where emergency service workers are employed

Emergency service workers are needed in a range of locations and may assist at incidents inside and outside domestic premises, building sites and public areas. They are generally employed through State Emergency Services (SES). This work is a team effort and requires a variety of skills including for flood and storm response, search and rescue, heatwave and road crash rescue.


Full-time emergency service workers in South Australia earn more than $1,600 per week.

Pay scale Emergency service worker

Job prospects

In 2011 there were 43 people employed full-time as emergency service workers in South Australia compared with 54 in 2006.

How to become one

You can work as an emergency service worker without formal qualifications but employers usually require year 10. You will receive training on-the-job and through in-house training courses.

You can apply to join the SES as a volunteer from the age of 13 as a cadet, and from 18 as a general member. SES volunteers attend regular training evenings and exercises run by their unit.

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