Take advantage of the many services available to help you find job opportunities in South Australia.

When you apply for jobs, you need:

  • a cover letter applying for the job and briefly outlining why you’re the right candidate
  • your resume which briefly describes your skills and experience.

If you’re looking to start your career, find job search tips and ideas on resumes, cover letters and interviews, visit Job Jumpstart.

If you’re a job seeker looking for a new job, career change or starting a business, visit jobactive.

For help to find work and access income support, visit the Department of Human Services.

Working for the government

The South Australian and Australian Governments advertise job vacancies in newspapers and online, including some entry-level and graduate positions.

South Australian Government

To find jobs in the South Australian public service, visit iworkforsa.

If you're a recent university graduate, you can join the South Australian Government's Graduate Register. Once registered, your details will available to all state government agencies seeking recent graduates.

For more information and to register, visit the Graduate register.

Australian Government

To find vacancies in the Australian public service, visit APSJobs.

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