Knowing which industries are growing in South Australia can increase your chances of getting a job in the emerging new economy.

South Australia is an economy in transition. The changing industry structure driven by factors such as foreign competition, automation, and an ageing population is resulting in the need for fewer of some workers but more of others. Knowing which industries are growing in South Australia could increase your chances of getting a job in the new economy that is emerging.

Over the past 10 years, most of the state’s employment growth has occurred in the following industries:

Service-based sectors performed better than production sectors, such as manufacturing, in creating jobs over the past decade in South Australia. The growth of services that rely on a high degree of expertise and training is likely to continue in the future as the South Australian economy develops and grows.

Industries expecting job growth in South Australia

Health care and social assistance

South Australia’s ageing population and the National Disability Insurance Scheme are placing more demand on the health care and social assistance industry and creating diverse job opportunities for skilled people.

  • aged and disabled carers
  • registered and enrolled nurses
  • nursing support and personal care workers
  • welfare support workers
  • midwives
  • medical technicians
  • child carers
  • generalist medical practitioners
  • medical imaging professionals
  • ambulance officers and paramedics
  • physiotherapists
  • psychologists
  • dental practitioners and assistants

If you're interested in working in the growing disability sector, talk to your local Disability Workforce Hub on
1800 619 933.

Education and training

Demand for qualified workers continues to grow in this industry with South Australia continuing to attract increased international and local students who are dipping in to education and training to reskill and upskill for jobs in our changing economy.


This industry continues to support the housing, engineering, and commercial construction needs of a growing and changing population, business community and government sector investing in projects that support the state's economic growth and development.

Professional, scientific and technical services

These services will become increasingly important as the South Australian economy continues to develop and advance, and adjust towards services that rely on a high degree of expertise and training.


Government investment in major defence projects, including the submarine and frigates builds, will deliver many opportunities for a variety of skilled workers in South Australia in the decades to come.

For more information on any of these industries and the skills they require, see Choose your career.

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