Keep up to date with the latest monthly South Australian labour force statistics to inform your workforce decisions.

These figures are updated a month in arrears as new data is received.

South Australian labour force indicators - January 2019

Total employment (trend): 843,100 - decreased by 200 (less than 0.1%)
Unemployed people (trend): 53,700 - increased by 700 (up 1.5% over year)
Headline unemployment: 6.3% - increased by 0.3 percentage points
Participation rate (trend): 62.8% - increased by 0.1 percentage points

Regional unemployment rates (December 2018*)


Statistical region Total unemployment Youth unemployment
Greater Adelaide 5.9% 13.3%
Adelaide - Central and Hills 4.2% 11.8%
Adelaide - North 7.3% 13.7%
Adelaide - South 6.0% 14.0%
Adelaide - West 5.7% 13.1%
Regional South Australia 4.9% 10.4%
Barossa-Yorke-Mid North 5.8% 15.3%
South Australia - Outback 4.2% 4.8%
South Australia - South East 4.8% 10.2%
Total South Australia 5.7% 12.7%


*The total unemployment rate applies to people 15 years and over, and the youth unemployment rate refers to people aged 15-24 years of age. Data has been averaged over the year to minimise the impact of seasonal and irregular factors.

*The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has made changes to its regional labour force estimates.  From 20 February 2014, the ABS will publish total unemployment rates for people aged 15 to 24 years rather than the full-time unemployment rate for people aged 15 to 19 years.  In addition, regional labour force estimates will now be released using the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) definitions rather than the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC).  These changes mean that regional labour force estimates from 20 February 2014 are not comparable to releases prior to this date.

Young people's labour market participation - December 2018

Key statistics relating to the learning activities of young South Australians aged 15 to 24:

Studying full-time: 115,200 (52.9%) are studying full-time as their main activity (excludes those working full-time)
Working full-time: 54,600 (25.1%)
Unemployed and
seeking full-time work:
9,700 (full-time unemployment to population ratio 4.5%. Compared with 4.4% nationally)
Unemployment rate: 15.1% full-time unemployment rate.
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