Maths helps us to understand the world.

Most jobs use some sort of maths. From a salesperson calculating tax, to a builder working out the angle of a roof truss or an accountant helping to grow a small business.

Disciplines of study

Study areas that focus on maths include:

  • Architecture
  • Business and commerce
  • Banking and financial services
  • Economics and data analysis
  • Engineering

Develop or refresh your maths skills

If you want to develop or refresh your maths skills, there are many helpful websites, including:

If you want to enrol in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification and are worried about your level of maths knowledge, TAFE SA provides a range of learning support options. This includes free access to the online tutoring service ‘Your Tutor’ while you are enrolled in a TAFE SA course.

The University of Adelaide has developed MathsTrack, a self-paced maths bridging course for students moving into university. For more information visit MathsTrack.

To learn more about the types of jobs and training options that use maths, see STEM careers.

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