Templates, guidelines and other resources related to NDIS Workforce Development Projects for providers.

Qualification Certification and Training Declaration

A Qualification Certification and Training Declaration needs to be completed for all your staff and contractors delivering Individual Case Management or Structured Mentoring to participants.

Email completed declarations to prior to any service delivery

Marketing, Promotion and Publicity Instructions

You need to comply with the Marketing, Promotion and Publicity Instructions when developing advertising materials or promoting your project.

The instructions outline requirements for all advertising and promotion material, including websites and social media, logos, including use and technical specifications, and contact details for media advice and assistance.

For advice and approvals for advertising content email

Upfront Assessment of Need instructions and templates

You are responsible for conducting an Upfront Assessment of Need (UAN) with all prospective participants. The assessment must take place before an individual can participate in a project.

Where accredited training is delivered, the UAN is undertaken in partnership with the nominated Registered Training Organisation(s).

The UAN process is outlined in the Upfront Assessment of Need Working Instructions.

Employment Services Referral Form

The UAN process includes completion of an Employment Services Referral Form if a student is registered with an Employment Service Provider.

For all UAN templates see Forms and Publications.

Participant Commencement Form

Each student must complete and sign the Participant Commencement Form before they commence project activities.

Information collected through the Participant Commencement Form needs to be entered into the Skills and Employment Portal. For more information, see Skills and Employment Portal Reporting Instructions.

The completed consent declaration pages for the ‘Collection and use of personal information’ should be electronically scanned and submitted to within the timeframe specified in the Employment Projects Service Agreement (EPSA).

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