Arboriculture project

This project will review current Arboriculture qualifications to ensure they are fit for delivery, meet industry needs and satisfy the 2012 Standards for Training Packages.

After the release of the Agriculture, Horticulture, and Conservation and Land Management Training Package in 2016, registered training providers identified several barriers to delivering the new qualifications, including:

  • many prerequisites for some units which may cause issues with state funding models, resulting in funding not being available for those qualifications
  • the requirement of a 200 hour logbook.

The project also aims to improve unit’s safety to minimise the number of injuries occurring in the amenity tree industry, many caused by chainsaws, falls from height, and improperly maintained equipment.

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Carbon and Agribusiness Management project

Carbon farming includes conservation, land management and farming activities that reduce emissions or isolate carbon dioxide in the landscape. Carbon farming practices are becoming increasingly important but there are few nationally endorsed qualifications, units or skill sets to support training in this area.

There is a growing interest from farmers, managers and conservation and land management workers in diversifying activities and income through carbon farming practices.

There is also increasing demand for innovation in agricultural product development, and the skills required in strategic planning, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, online marketing, business development and financial planning. New skills in agricultural innovation strategies, implementation of new products and innovation leadership to lead innovative thinking and practice are also required.

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Viticulture project

Viticulture is the cultivation of grapevines and includes grapes for wine, raisin and table. It is the largest fruit industry in Australia, with grapes grown all over the country.

The Diploma of Viticulture and related units will be reviewed to meet industry expectations for leadership and management skills in vineyard operations.

For more information about this project, visit Skills Impact

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