Horse Education project

This project will develop units of competency and skill sets for horse trainers.

Horse education ensures horses can be safely ridden for either racing or recreational activities and is usually delivered by trainers when horses are young. Skills related to horse education and horse training differ slightly. Horse education relates to a horse learning to wear riding equipment such as a saddle and bridle and learning to be ridden, while horse training relates to the horse learning tasks such as jumps and racing.

For more information about this project, visit Skills Impact.

Animal Incident Management project

Units of competency will be developed to create a stand-alone Diploma of Animal Rescue and possibly a lower level pathway qualification. Units will also be used to develop skill sets in areas such as fire and rescue, emergency services, zoos, farm workers and animal recreation events.

Increased bushfires and floods have driven the need for expertise in dealing with large animals including cattle, horses and sheep. Fire and rescue, veterinary operations, farmers, council ranger services and transporters routinely deal with incidents involving large animals in rural areas. Large animals may also be in urban settings such as thoroughbred and harness racing, agricultural shows, in council areas where the urban block size permits keeping large animals, and community farms or racing stables where people interact with animals. Industry workers need to be properly trained to minimise risk of injury to people and improve welfare outcomes for animals.

For more information about this project, visit Skills Impact.

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