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Changing your contract

You can:

  • change contact details
  • vary working hours
  • request credit towards your apprenticeship
  • withdraw from your training contract during the probationary period
  • suspend or terminate your apprenticeship
  • transfer to a new employer or a new training provider
  • apply for completion of your apprenticeship

The first step to change your apprenticeship is to talk to your employer, as you’ll need to agree on these changes. They will submit the paperwork for you.

If you need a hand, we can work with you to make changes. Chat with us online now or call us on 1800 673 097.

Support to keep your training on track

We’re here to help

Everyone wants your apprenticeship to be a positive experience, but things can occasionally go wrong.

Perhaps you’re not getting the training you expected or there are issues with the workplace. Whatever the problem, there are people who can help you resolve the issue.

We’re also here to help you explore the options available to keep you earning and learning during COVID-19. For more information, see helping you through COVID-19.

Copies of trade certificates

If you’ve lost your trade certificate or certificate of competency, you can request a replacement. The will be mailed out to you within 3-4 weeks.

Former apprentices

You can apply for a replacement trade certificate. You’ll need to outline the reason that your original certificate has been lost or destroyed.

Former trainees

You can apply for an extract of your training contract record.

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