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COVID-19 support for businesses

Business information and support is available to help you plan and respond to COVID-19.

Keep your business moving

Training your staff helps you:

  1. Stay ahead of competitors
    Grow your business and boost its competitiveness by ensuring your employees have the latest skills and knowledge
  2. Keep up with latest industry and technology changes
    Stay ahead of the game with staff who are across your industry’s regulations and the latest technology.
  3. Retain good people and attract new talent
    Investing in training shows that your business values its staff and their development so you’re more likely to retain current employees and attract new talent.

Hundreds of training courses are subsidised by the Government of South Australia because they build skills and knowledge that are vital to the future of our state. Reap the benefits for your business by finding subsidised training opportunities for your people now.

Is an apprentice right for you?

Apprenticeships aren’t just about trades anymore.

With tailored training across almost every industry, you might be surprised at the apprenticeships that could help you build your business with confidence.

Subsidies are now available for all apprenticeships, making them more relevant and accessible to South Australian businesses than ever before.

Have you considered what an apprentice could do for your business?

Did you know hiring an apprentice now comes with additional financial support?

Businesses across the state now have extra support to continue skills training in challenging times.

Additional financial support is available through our Skills for Business package.

To find out more and to apply now, see Financial support to hire an apprentice.

SMS Geotechnical is training the next generation of soil technicians

SMS Geotechnical is a fully accredited soil testing laboratory specialising in soils, aggregate and concrete testing.

Business Development and Training Manager Mick Sheppard says for businesses operating in a niche market, employee training is a particularly vital step in building a future workforce.

Growing rapidly, SMS Geotechnical is hiring trainees as a permanent, long-term strategy to build their workforce, to inspire all their employees to continuously develop, and to keep their high retention rate.

Apprenticeships can help you find passionate people

Luke, an apprentice retail butcher from Standom Smallgoods took an apprenticeship because he absolutely loved what he was doing.

Luke, a butcher at Standom Smallgoods

See more stories from passionate apprentices.

Did you know?

The term apprenticeship can refer to an apprenticeship or a traineeship.

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