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Apprentices are vital to our economy

We are investing in apprenticeships to help meet the workforce needs of industry in South Australia.

Allowances, reimbursements and financial support are available for your business when you employ an apprentice.

We’re also here to help if you need us. Call us on 1800 673 097 for services and advice tailored to your business.

Financial support

In response to the new challenges presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic, we have repositioned our Skilling South Australia initiatives so we can better support you during this time and help you rebuild and recover afterwards.

Businesses across South Australia can access extra support to continue skills training during these challenging times, with the following options available.

How to employ an apprentice

Employing an apprentice has never been easier.

1. Register with us

When you employ an apprentice you have a duty of care to your employee and a responsibility to deliver the training they need to become competent in their chosen career. To make sure you and your apprentice are both set up for success, all employers are required to register with us. This involves providing details of:

  • your business and the way it operates
  • your facilities and equipment
  • your supervisors and their qualifications
  • relevant professional and occupational licences
  • the range of work and experience you can offer an apprentice.

You can register with us now, or an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider can help you with your registration.

2. Choose an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider

Apprenticeship Network Providers (sometimes referred to as ANPs or AASNs) are contracted by the Australian Government to help you:

  • register with us
  • choose which qualification you want your employee to undertake
  • find apprentices
  • check your eligibility for financial incentives
  • choose a training provider for the off-the-job training for your apprentice
  • sign the training contract.

Apprentices for small businesses

Taking on an apprentice can be hugely rewarding for small businesses, but sometimes you’re not sure you can offer the range of experience an apprentice needs, or commit to the full term of a training contract.

Group Training Organisations can help.

Group Training Organisations employ apprentices directly, and then place them with you – the host employer – to get the on-the-job training they need. You might provide all their on-the-job training, or you might share them with another business so the apprentice gets the diversity of experience they need to become competent in their chosen career.

As the employer, the Group Training Organisation:

  • recruits apprentices
  • pays wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, leave, and other employment benefits
  • manages on and off-the-job training
  • provides support the apprentices need to complete their training.

If you choose to hire an apprentice through a Group Training Organisation you will still need to meet the supervision requirements for your apprentice, but you will not need to register your business with us.

Employing a school-based apprentice

You can employ an apprentice while they’re still at school. A school-based apprentice is an excellent solution for businesses looking for a part-time employee. You’ll get a passionate young person who’s keen to get a head start on their career!

When the school-based apprentice finishes school, they convert to a full-time employee.

School-based apprentice Erin at The Caledonian Hotel
School-based apprentice Erin is a valued member of the team at The Caledonian Hotel

Pay and conditions for apprentices

Wages and conditions for apprentices are set out in the Awards that are maintained and reviewed by the Australian Fair Work Commission. Alternatively, some apprentices may be covered by an enterprise agreement.

Apprentices are entitled to the same conditions of employment as all other employees working in similar occupations, including:

  • superannuation
  • worker's compensation
  • leave entitlements
  • protection under anti-discrimination and occupational, health and safety laws.

The Fair Work Ombudsman can help you with information about awards and agreements, workplace rights and obligations, and more.

Discover traineeship and apprenticeship occupations

The Traineeship and Apprenticeship Pathways Schedule (TAPS) lists apprenticeship and traineeship occupations in South Australia.

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