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Supporting rural and regional businesses

The Travel and Accommodation Allowance supports rural and regional businesses by helping to cover some of the costs associated with hiring an apprentice.

Many modern awards require employers to reimburse apprentices for all costs associated with attending off-the-job training.

Even if it’s not specified in the award, responsible employers will ensure that their apprentice is fully supported and is not out of pocket as a result of having to travel to attend off-the-job training.

This allowance is a contribution only and is not intended to cover the total travel and accommodation costs.

If the round trip from your apprentice’s home to the nearest training location is more than 150km, you’re likely to be eligible.

Check the guidelines for the fine print, then fill out the form below. Make sure you have your training contract number handy, as well as a copy of the schedule outlining the required attendance for your apprentice (call up notice) from your training provider.

If you're already receiving Travel Allowance, you can use this form to update your details, update the details of your apprentice(s), or upload an amended call up notice.

Ready to apply?

If you've read through the terms and guidelines, you're ready to apply for Travel and Accommodation Allowance.

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