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Butchers and smallgoods makers

Butchers and smallgoods makers select, cut, trim, prepare and arrange meat for sale and supply. They operate meat and smallgoods processing machines, and manage the production of smallgoods.

What do butchers and smallgoods makers do?

  • prepare meat for sale by removing bones, trimming fat and cutting, mincing and grinding meat
  • prepare crumbed cuts of meat, and marinating, seasoning and curing special cuts
  • make seasonings and pickles by mixing spices, salt and other ingredients
  • operate sausage filling machines, smoking chambers, cooking kettles and vats
  • advise customers on the suitability and uses of cuts of meat
  • may assist in menu planning and scheduling, and in estimating food production costs


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Luke, a butcher at Standom Smallgoods

Ways to get started

Ways to get started