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What is plant?

'Plant' is a general name for any machinery, equipment, appliance, implement or tool and any component, fitting or accessory. It can include things as diverse as presses in a foundry, underground drill jumbos in mining and photocopiers in an office.

What do earthmoving plant operators do?

  • prepare and position plant for operation
  • select, fit and remove attachments such as buckets, winches, loading scoops, shovel blades and rock breaking hammers
  • operate controls to excavate, break, drill, level, compact, gouge out, move, load and spread earth, rock, rubble, soil and other materials
  • monitor plant and adjust controls to regulate pressure, speed and flow of operation, and ensure safety of other workers
  • work from drawings, markers and verbal instructions
  • service, clean and refuel plant and perform minor adjustments and repairs


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