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Primary products inspectors

Primary products inspectors inspect animals, plants and agricultural produce and facilities to ensure compliance with government and industry standards with respect to quality, health and licensing.

What do primary products inspectors do?

  • inspect animals, plants and agricultural produce to identify product quality issues, and provide advice to producers
  • audit and monitor quality procedures at farms and food handling and processing facilities to ensure compliance with required standards
  • ensure that required standards of hygiene are observed at storage, processing and packing facilities and in transport vehicles
  • advise primary producers on economic aspects of disease eradication, the identification of pests and diseases and regulations pertaining to grading, packing and loading of products
  • examine imported plants and animals, and products, such as timber, seeds and dried fruits, and make quarantine arrangements
  • patrol and investigate waterways for unlawful fishing activities and the removal of protected marine life

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Ways to get started