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Tourism and travel advisers

Tourism and travel advisers plan and organise travel and accommodation for clients, and provide travel and accommodation information to tourists.

What do tourism and travel advisers do?

  • determine clients' requirements for travel, accommodation and special interests and suggest itineraries
  • answer enquiries from tourists and offer suggestions about tours, travel routes, accommodation and local customs
  • provide information on tourist attractions and tour availability, and procedures for dealing with lost and stolen documents
  • make and confirm travel and accommodation reservations, help with travel clearances, and inform clients of travel dates, baggage limits, medical and visa requirements, and bus, plane, ship and train connections
  • collect payments and issue clients' itineraries, relevant documentation, tickets for travel and vouchers for accommodation
  • provide information on travel insurance, relevant government regulations such as customs, and use of credit cards and traveller's cheques


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Ways to get started

Ways to get started