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Brooke landed a dream job at Adelaide Oval

Brooke is a groundskeeping apprentice at Adelaide Oval. She makes sure the pitch is on point for footy games, cricket tests and other major international sporting events.

Brooke got into her apprenticeship through a Group Training Organisation. They provided training, clothes and a variety of workplaces where she could hone her skills.

What do groundskeepers do?

  • prepare seedbeds for new turf
  • establish and maintain turf by watering, over sowing or over seeding, and repairing green damage
  • peg and mark out lines and logos, install nets, posts and stumps, and place other sports equipment on playing areas
  • operate and maintain hand and power driven equipment such as mowers, aerators, cultivators, corers and line marking equipment
  • install and maintain synthetic surfaces
  • may maintain buildings, fences and surrounding gardens.

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Did you know?

The term apprenticeship can refer to an apprenticeship or a traineeship.

Where are the jobs?

South Australia needs heaps of different types of people, but the ones we need most will have trained for a skilled career.

Defence, aerospace, IT and cybersecurity are shaping up as big industries for South Australia and over the next few years, 42 out of the 50 careers predicted to have the highest growth will need technical skills, like the ones you get through an apprenticeship.

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