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Shaping tiny minds

Talia relies on a team of passionate educators to support the children at Guardian Childcare Centre — including several trainees still learning the ropes.

She says childcare trainees are an important part of the business, bringing energy, motivation and up-to-date knowledge into the workplace.

While at work, trainees receive loads of support from experienced colleagues and paid time to complete their formal studies.

What do early childhood educators do?

    • Care for young children and ensure a safe and fun team environment
    • Run activities to encourage learning and play
    • Teach basic life and social skills
    • Communicate effectively with parents and families

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Did you know?

The term apprenticeship can refer to an apprenticeship or a traineeship.

Where are the jobs?

South Australia needs heaps of different types of people, but the ones we need most will have trained for a skilled career.

Defence, aerospace, IT and cybersecurity are shaping up as big industries for South Australia and over the next few years, 42 out of the 50 careers predicted to have the highest growth will need technical skills, like the ones you get through an apprenticeship.

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