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Construction, mining and energy

Want to work as part of a team, using hands-on skills to build homes, untap resources or deliver electricity?

Looking for an industry with strong jobs growth and potential to be your own boss?

Construction, mining and energy might be the one for you.

Quick facts about this industry

  • The construction industry employs more than 66,000 South Australians – mostly trade professionals.
  • While many construction workers begin their careers as a trade apprentice, there is opportunity to move up to into management or start your own business.
  • In mining and energy, you could be operating big machinery, exploring for oil or installing and maintaining overhead lines and cables.
  • South Australia has the country’s largest onshore oil and gas reserves
  • Our state is a leader of renewable energy production, with about half of all our power coming from local renewable sources
  • Minerals make up just over half of our commodity exports.