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Skills you need for study, work and life

Community education can help you improve your foundation skills to prepare for study and work. These include:

  • reading
  • writing
  • numeracy
  • computer skills
  • other key skills you need for work like communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Foundation Skills courses are run in community centres across the state. They can help you move on to further education, including nationally recognised courses and apprenticeships. Take a look through the rest of the website to see what you could do next.

You can get support to boost the skills you need for study, work and life, including:

  • using a computer
  • speaking and writing English
  • communication for work
  • office computing skills – tables, charts, graphs, word processing and desktop publishing software, and using the internet
  • budgeting – setting financial goals, calculating income and living expenses.

These courses are usually free or low cost. You’ll learn in small groups or one-to-one.

Why community education?

Community education can give you the confidence to try studying or get a job. After not working for six years, Bronwyn did the Pathways to Work course to build her confidence and job seeking skills.

This Foundation Skills course has re-affirmed me. I have realised that I can confidently ‘be myself’ when applying for jobs. I have the confidence to express myself more openly in job applications and interviews.

Bronwyn Trebilcock

Find a course near you

Use this Google map to find your community education provider, or look through the list below for a course in your area. Contact the provider by phone or email to enrol or find out more.


I attend ESL classes at the Encounter Centre. I can now speak English more fluently. It is fun learning here, and I have made a lot of friends. The tutors are very nice and friendly, and my English is getting a lot better. In the future I want to apply for a job.

Jintana Wesemann

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