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Studying VET in school

VET can help you kick start your career while you’re still at school, and can even count towards your SACE.

Erin, a school-based apprentice chef said “My parents are really happy that I’m doing the apprenticeship and that I’m still getting my SACE. I feel like I’m getting a head start by doing it while I’m still in school.”

Erin, a cook at The Caledonian Hotel

How does it work?

There are a few different ways you can study VET while you’re at school:

  1. a school-based apprenticeship
  2. VET courses offered through your school
  3. starting a course that will help you get your SACE, and that you’ll keep studying once you’ve finished school

If you’re a Flexible Learning Options (FLO) student, there may be even more options available to you. Speak to your FLO case manager or coordinator to find out where VET could take you.

Did you know?

The term apprenticeship can refer to an apprenticeship or a traineeship.

What can I study?

You can study almost anything while you’re still at school, you just need to talk to your VET Coordinator.

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